Sports Drink - Lemon Aid
Sports Drink - Lemon Aid

Sports Drink - Lemon Aid

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Overview: Perhaps the single most powerful nutritional aid for training and competition is fluid intake. Dehydration limits performance, inhibits recovery, and contributes to muscle soreness. The typical thirst response is not powerful enough to keep pace with fluid loss during exercise. Therefore, the best sports drink is one that increases thirst! So, don’t quench your thirst, enhance it. Mike's Mix Sports Drink provides sustained energy for your workout and replenishes electrolytes lost through sweat.  Additonally, our sports drink is all-natural and GMO free.  

Flavor: Lemon Aid has a distinct lemon flavor that isn't overpowering and offers a delicious combination of sweet and salty that will keep you drinking your entire workout all without artificial sweeteners or flavoring.

Mixing Instructions: An optimally functioning sports drink will contain between 3% to 7% carbohydrate.  This concentration provides maximal energy without reducing absorption rate and limits gastric distress.     

-7% solution - maximum flavor.  Mix 1 level scoop of Sports Drink in 500 ml (approximately 17 fl oz or .5 quarts, or 2 cups) of water. If you are mixing in a quart or liter bottle, mix two level scoops. Many squeeze bottle bicycle style water bottles come in the 24 oz variety and would take 1.5 scoops. Shake to combine.

-3.5% solution - produces a milder flavor, but is optimal for those that are prone to gastric distress. Mix 1 level scoop of Sports Drink in 1 liter (approximately 34 fl oz or 1 quart) of water. Shake to combine.

Each container has 32 servings (1 scoop = 35 grams)