Mike's Mix Family, About Us
Mike’s Mix is a dedicated, family owned and operated business located near Madison, Wisconsin. We take great pride in our little company and believe we offer an advantage in quality, service and value over our competition. Mike’s Mix is a fully licensed dairy plant with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture. Our address is 30 Brodhead St, Mazomanie, WI 53560.

Company Mission: The primary mission of Mike’s Mix is to provide our customers with quality, safe, simple, natural and honest products. We also hope to improve general nutrition by educating consumers with realistic use, expectations and application of sports nutrition products. Knowledge is paramount to reaching athletic goals and through our website we strive to provide simple and straight forward advice on sports nutrition and general fitness. With all the confusion generated by the market hype from supplement manufactures it is easy to be overwhelmed by sports nutrition and lose track of the fundamentals. Mike’s Mix’s mission is to become a beacon of integrity and simplicity in the sports supplement industry and provide honest products at affordable prices. To us, an honest product has proven scientific value, where research has shown a competitive advantage or other beneficial effects associated with its consumption. Mike’s Mix will never offer a product where effectiveness and safety are questionable.

Our Promise: Mike’s Mix is founded on integrity. Our business relies on word of mouth marketing and we will bend over backwards to make sure our customers are satisfied. Besides using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, Mike’s Mix goes the distance to ensure that every product undergoes stringent quality control. If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason at all, we will return your money in full. Simply contact us and instructions will be provided for refunds or exchanges.

How Mike’s Mix Was Born: In 2007, Mike Lohre (owner and founder of Mike’s Mix) found he was spending a lot of money on recovery drinks, which he used for his frequent training. The market was full of recovery drinks but it was Mike’s opinion that they were either well made and overpriced or even worse, didn’t follow the science and were consequently less effective (and still expensive!). Not wanting cost to be a barrier to proper recovery, Mike extensively reviewed the research and decided to try his hand in formulating his own product. The initial product was flavorless, gritty and barely dissolved in solution. To complicate matters, Mike purchased the raw ingredients in bulk to save money and found himself with 500 lbs of his creation. Surprisingly, simply through word of mouth, he quickly sold his initial supply of mix. When people asked for more, he realized there was a demand for affordable, effective recovery drinks and the idea of Mike’s Mix was born. Over the next couple of years, through trial and error, the formula was perfected and became a super effective, great tasting, and easily mixing recovery drink.