Adam Gura

Adam is a 34 year old, one of a kind, adventure racer from Illinois. Adam considers himself more than a traditional trail runner because he’s always looking for challenges that combine running with lifting, as well as mental challenges. Adam’s primary drive comes from wanting to inspire the teens that he educates, but also considers endurance challenges a means to clear his mind and body; a form of meditation.

Adam is inspired by people that make fitness and adventure a lifestyle. People that in a world full of materialism and a million ways to make a lifestyle weak and dormant, that haven’t been beaten down yet.

Recent accomplishments: second place in the 36 hour Ultimate Suck, one of’s ten hardest races in America. 1st place in the 12 hour Midwest Suck.

Adam’s short term goals are to squat 405 pounds, deadlift the same, and bench press 240 pounds, while still running a sub 5 minute mile. He’s currently at a 395 squat, 385 deadlift, and 230 bench with a 4:50 mile! Adam will start training for the Toughest Mudder in April, while also preparing for Dances With Dirt’s Wisconsin half or full Marathon.

A short video that Adam made demonstrating his unique sense of humor: