Breakfast Smoothie

Protein Breakfast Smoothie
Smoothies by nature are primed to be quickly digested. Their liquid form and minced and blended solids are essentially predigested before hitting the stomach. Ideally, meal replacements should be just that; a meal substitute. A meal should digest slowly and release calories for hours instead of in one shot. Casein, which trickles amino acids into the bloodstream for many hours after digestion is ideal when trying to replicate the slow calorie release that occurs with a balanced whole food meal.


Directions and tips:


  • Take all ingredients and blend together.
  • Using frozen fruit adds more flavor and gives the smoothie a more creamy flavor than fresh fruit.
  • Add or subtract milk amounts based on how thick (or thin) you prefer your smoothies. 
  • If you want more substance for your smoothie, add uncooked oats or a ground granola
  • Add honey or other sweetener, to taste
  • Use water instead of milk for reduced calories
  • Use ice cubes in place of frozen fruit

Nutritional Information:

Not including the optional ingredients, this smoothie recipe is 393 calories and 36 grams of Protein.