Caleb Schwartz

Caleb Schwartz
Caleb is the youngest member of the Mike’s Mix crew and attends Madison East High School but will be attending Marian University in Indianapolis fall of 2017. Caleb is a pedaling terror and aspires to be a professional cyclist racing cyclocross and mountain. Caleb started coming to races with his parents and at the young age of nine did his first cyclocross race. He was immediately hooked and wanted more. The next year he got started mountain biking racing and loved that too!

In 2014 Caleb started working with his coach, fellow ambassador Joseph Maloney, and got serious about achieving his goals. Each year since he has improved on a national level and this past season he made three trips to Europe to race Cyclocross World Cups and the World Championships! Some of Caleb’s mountain bike goals for the 2017 season are to win a WORS mtb pro race, podium at mtb nationals and top 10 at Ore to Shore. 

Career Highlights
– 4th 2017 Cyclocross National Championships
– 5th 2016 Cyclocross Pan-American Championships
– 32nd 2017 Cyclocross World Championships
– 7th at 2016 Cyclocross National Championships
– 10th at 2015 Cyclocross National Championships
– 1st overall in Ore to Shore Soft Rock 2015
– 2nd overall Chequamegon Short & Fat 2015
– 1st in stxc at Utah Tech Devo Pro XCT
– 1st in xc at Chile Challenge Pro XCT
– 2nd in stxc at Chile Challenge Pro XCT
– 3rd in pro men at WORS Englewood Opener
– 4th in pro men at WORS Camrock Classic
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