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Erin on Show Me the Kind

Erin is an extremely focussed athlete and currently her energy is targeted on the sport of bouldering. She grew up a gymnast, lived and breathed creative movement, and has always known she would be a lifelong athlete. In 2012 at the age of 26, Erin stumbled into the climbing gym and she instantly realized she had found her lifelong sport. Erin boulders because the sport demands so many physical and mental challenges: gymnastic, dynamic movement alongside balance and precision, mental fortitude, perseverance in the face of 99% failure, understanding of specific technical subtleties, past-present-future awareness in breath, spirit, and movement. The sport also provides her with enduring friendships, a social scene, and motivational peers. 

Erin’s short-term plan is to enjoy the spring 2017 outdoor bouldering season at Devils Lake. She will also participate in a couple of training sessions at Train Climb Summit in Madison. She hopes to get stronger and more efficient with her time through the training program. Follow her on Instagram and her Athlete Facebook page to glean more specifics on her training. Erin also hopes to get accepted into UW-Madison's Doctor of Physical Therapy program and begin that summer of 2018!
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