Mike Sorenson

Mike Sorenson
Mike grew up in Madison, WI where he gained an appreciation for the outdoors, camping and rock climbing through Scouting. He moved to Milwaukee to pursue a competitive running career in college, running 4 years in the D1 Cross Country and Track & Field program at UWM. During that time he found his way back to the climbing gym and has been hooked ever since.

Mike loves the training associated with the development of a climber as an athlete and the exploration of new areas to climb. He likes to climb in the Wisconsin Driftless Area but also enjoys traveling around the country to dabble in other world class climbing destinations.

When he’s not climbing Mike works as an Engineer and also has a passion for cycling. The combination of workouts and "fitness as a lifestyle" ingrained the natural curiosity for finding the best products for his body.

Mike’s favorite Mike’s Mix product is the Pink Vanilla Protein First, his go-to post workout recovery supplement. He uses the pure protein and Melissa's mix chocolate in smoothies and the lemon sports hydration drink during endurance workouts.

In the future Mike would like to explore the US, and international areas of climbing. He trains hard and would like to keep developing in the sport of Bouldering. He also enjoys introducing new athletes to the sport and adores the comradery of the climbing and outdoor community. Mike would like to continue evolving as an outdoor advocate and is a member of the Wisconsin Climber’s Association, AAC, Access Fund, and the WI Bike Fed.
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