Cranberry Protein Smoothie


Cranberry Protein Smoothie

Wisconsin is the leading producer of cranberries nationally and during the fall our local grocers pack the produce shelves with them. I can’t pass this alluring and pretty red fruit without picking up a bag. Initially, I ate the fresh raw berries in salads, and their flavor never really impressed me. It wasn’t until I started utilizing them in smoothies that I started to appreciate their culinary potential. The Cranberry Protein Smoothie recipe below is the tastiest result from much experimentation. Strawberries and oranges compliment the cranberry flavor optimally while the whey protein provides a nice creamy flavor. I made a vegetarian variety of this smoothie with lentil protein and found that adding an extra spoon of honey powder helped the flavor.

Why Cranberries?

The cranberry is a powerhouse of nutrients and phytonutrients. Additionally, this recipe calls for an entire cup of cranberries, so you are getting much more than a token serving. 

This smoothie has 230% of daily Vitamin C requirements! 

Many of the cranberry varieties cultivated commercially in the United States are native and have a natural ability to resist pest pressure. If you prefer organic fruits you will find cranberries to be readily available. Freshly frozen cranberries are very reasonable in price and always make for a pretty smoothie.



Place ingredients in a blender, mix, pour and enjoy!